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Sowerby Parish Council is seeking a responsible person to assist with the opening and closing of our play area at weekends. This would be a volunteer role and may be shared by several people. We would love to hear from you if you can help, please contact the Clerk on or 01845 524 990.

Sowerby Parish Council joined the nation in celebrating the coronation of King Charles III and supported the Big Lunch held at Sowerby Parochial Hall this weekend. Chairman, Cllr Mark Robson, wished the new King well and said "It is great to see a well attended community celebration and thanks to all who have worked hard to make it a success!"

Sowerby Parish Council extends heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family following the sad news of the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Councillor Mark Robson said “We are deeply saddened to learn of the death of our Majesty, the Queen. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Royal Family at this very difficult time. We owe her an enormous debt of gratitude for her long and loyal service to this country.” Floral Tributes can be made at the cenotaph in Sowerby or Thirsk Market Square and a Book of Condolence is available in both St Oswald's and St Marys Church. Since the official announcement of the death the council has been flying the union flag at half-mast above Thirsk and Sowerby Town Hall as a formal mark of respect.

Read the NYCC notification under Public Documents - Parish News.

To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II, Sowerby Parish Council have positioned a commemorative bench in the Memorial Park for all to enjoy. We have also planted a small community orchard of 12 fruit trees, located in Potters Memorial Field, Blakey Lane and these will be registered with the Queens Green Canopy programme.

At its meeting on Thursday 11 March Sowerby Parish Councillors voted unanimously to grant the freedom of the parish to Sowerby resident, Jasmine Harrison. Proposing the move Chairman of the Council, Mark Robson, said this was an honour that has not been granted in parish living memory. “I have looked back to around 1865 and it has never happened. This is to recognise her remarkable achievement as the youngest solo female to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic . She has also raised to date in excess of £19,000 for charity.” The Council plans to hold a celebration at Thirsk & Sowerby Town Hall when Jasmine has finished her period of quarantine after her recent return to the UK. The Council exercised its power under section 249(5) of the Local Government Act 1972 which gives power to admit as an honorary freeman or freewoman someone who is a person of distinction or who has in the opinion of the Council rendered eminent services to that place or area. Although the Council owns green spaces, the honour does not mean that Jasmine will become entitled to graze sheep there! Today the grant confers no special privileges. She will receive a certificate and the Council will work on creating a blue plaque to go with those already in place in Thirsk and Sowerby.

Special Appeal in aid of the Pupils of Sowerby Primary Academy and Keeble Gateway Academy. Please see the public documents page under Parish News for a letter explaining the appeal.

It is with regret, given the restrictions in place to protect our community during the COVID19 pandemic, that the service, parade and wreath laying normally associated with Remembrance Sunday will not take place in its usual format this year. Please rest assured that Sowerby Parish Council, along with other organisations, will continue to mark the occasion with a private wreath laying ceremony, following current social distancing guidelines. We hope to be able to commemorate in the usual way in 2021

Take part in our Treasure Hunt around Sowerby, just a bit of fun for all members of the family this Bank Holiday weekend. Find the hunt in our Public Documents page under General Information.

Community Works are supporting the local community and co-ordinating help for vulnerable residents during the COVID 19 restrictions. Please see their details under Public Documents - Parish News

Sowerby Parish Council will continue to undertake its usual role and will provide any help it is able to residents who need it. However, during the current situation, the office will not be open to the public. Please use the website or Facebook for any contact or email

All documents relating to the Parish Council meetings are listed under Public Documents

Our office is now situated in the Town Hall building next to the main doors and shared with the Community Minibus Association. Usual opening hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9.30am to Midday.

Agenda for the February Meeting available on the website under public documents

The meeting scheduled for 12th December will now take place on Thursday 19th December

The Agenda for the November Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council is now available

Most recent Meeting Main Discussion Points are now available under public documents